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timing belt cover question

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is it bad to run without the upper timing belt cover?
i know theres a greater chance of getting dirt and dust in there, but i think i might be getting adjustable timing gears for xmas, thought itd be cool to show em off, if its not a major issue.
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It's bad, if you stick your fingers in there. Other than that...... A lot of folks do run sans cover.
alrighty, i think ill run without... so long as its not going to cause a major problem.

i couldnt remember if our timing belts ran wet or dry, oil wise.
Personally, I would leave the cover on to protect the spinning belt and sprockets from foreign objects and/or liquids that could possibly do some damage. Also, all timing belts should be kept dry and free of oil and other contaminants. Timing chains require an oil bath for lubrication.
I see your in Edmonton ... will you be driving the Supra in the winter??? If you are (I have to drive mine... :cry: ) you will definatly want to have that cover on. Salt and Sand are hell on any kind of bearings or seals. Why not just take off the cover when going to shows on nice sunny summer days???
To add to Dave's comment - you should never get oil on a timing belt, the oil is destructive to the belt and can cause a spontaneous failure of the belt. Not good for the engine.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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