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Tips to Clean Original Wheels

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So, the guy I bought my car from was an employee at the local Discount Tire shop. As such, I did luck out getting a $2k set of SSR Longchamp wheels and new tires on the car. I do like them and the stance they give BUT, I also am a sucker for originality and I happen to think the stock MKII wheels with BFG (white lettering out of course) is one of the best looking setups a period correct car ever had. So I want to have both setups.

The guy I bought the car from happened to mention he still had the stock wheels and asked in an almost dismissive tone whether I wanted them (I think he could never imagine anyone wanting them over the Longchamps.) I said yes I did (please) and reminded him a few times before the final transaction. So, I have them and they are overall in great shape. The Mastercraft 185/60 14's are going to have to go, but the wheels and center caps are overall in great condition with no real curb rash etc. (A few small areas where wheel weights were at one time.)

But, I do want to spruce them up a bit and I'm wondering what the best way to go about that is with this type of wheel / finish? With a standard polished aluminum wheel I'd take a lightly abrasive buffing ball on a drill and compound to them, then polish with Mothers etc. But these are not polished aluminum so I'm wondering what others have done to just bring out the original finish a bit?

Someone also tried to paint the black grooves but not the neatest so I'll redo that too while I'm at it.

Anyway, let me know what yo have found to work well on these wheels?


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I sanded mine down then applied a gun metal finish. Looks good but not original, if you want a oem finish this video shoes the process. I haven't tried it but I bet if you use a fine polishing compound with a machine you could get the same finish.
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