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TIRE SIZES for 17" rims

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I just picked up my SSR SP-1 (5 spoke) black wheels. I got 17x8 with -20 offset for the front and 17x9 with 0 offset for the rear.

Can I run 17/235/40 on the front and 17/265/40 on the rear without any problems?

Another option would be 215/40 front and 235/40 rears.

Can I get some responses please from you guys who bought the Braids or another nice set of 17" wheels.

I already have a set of Goodyear Eagle F1 DS-G2 17/235/40ZR tires and I need to pick the other tire size prior to purchase. :roll:

Rick 85P
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Better go as narrow as you can in the front or those are going to rub big time. I'm effectively running 16x8 -9.5mm offset with 245 tires and they hit the front corner of the flare in harder corners. I actually broke the corner of the flare off the car. I'm pretty sure 265/40 is what most people are running in the rear. If you've already got the tires you might as well install them an see how they fit, but I'm doubtful. There is less than 1/16" at normal ride height between the flare and the tire at their closest point when turned.

I accidentally had an idea :idea: when I decided to try and see if these 17x7" Primax 685's would fit the rear. They actually came from my AE101, but have them off for the winter and tried using 2 in the rear so I can finish sanding the original 14's. & doesn't hit the flares one bit.
I read the FAQ section on offsetts and believe it would work. I think my offset is from 0-5mm I'm tryin to find out. But I'll have more pics and better views comin from inside the wheels in a few days. But heres the 17x7's. ( Sorry about the car cover in the way )

Could we see pics of what these wheels look like? Thanks,


this is all I see
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Won't Fit in the Front

Yeah, the front ones can't fit correctly, off by like 5mm and the hub sticks out of the center cap on the front wheel too.

Here is a shot of 2 17"s, but the front is lifted on jack stands and the back is to the ground on the high lookin stock suspension.

But if you notice the hub sticks out of the wheel cap :x

Rim hits the strut. Too bad, maybe a fat spacer, but I don't think that'll work. But fits the back fine. Its OK tho, didn't expect the offset to work in the front.

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Thanks DannyG. How about you rick85p, can we see what your 17s look like too? Thanks,

I fitted 235/40/17 on the front with no problems and 265/35/17 on the rear.
265/40/17 would work but you speedo will be running slower than stock.
Ideally 245/40R17 is the size you want for a 17x8" wheel. It is the closest to factory OD.

See this thread for tire sizes:


hey supra gtr is that 85 yours and if so what type of what size rims with offset are those, and tire size. That looks perfect as far as clearence and look. I had a silver 85. That thing loks SHARP. Old school sure looks good.
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