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To Kill with Vengence

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so my friend recently just bought a 240sx Fastback piece of shit, dont get me wrong, i love 240s, but not the fastbacks. Any event, he has been really pissin me off, tellin me kill stories, callin me up tellin me civic DXs are fast and shit!! im like WTF!!! Even though he says DX Civics are fast, he has beaten 5.0s, S14 240sx, IRoc-Zs and more. Im like please dude, give me a few minutes to get to your house and ill race you. i hang up the celly and roll to his house hardcore style. Knocked on his door and was like, hey lets get to racin. He was all, what you runnin, im like, you know, that four door right there. (Honda Accord V6). My friend doesnt know any better because he was spoiled all his life and just got into the racing scene. LoL. J/k. as we walked towards it, also where his car was parked, he started laughing at the Car Seat in the back, i just said. HAHA!! so we race right downtown next to his house.

Its a long One way road. We line up, and he starts revin on me. His roomate just so happened to be the guy sayin go. i dont rev automatics by the way, but i did tonite. I just put it in neutral and was reving like a SUPRA OWNER!! That is, pedal to the medal. His roomate says go, i drop it in D4 launching at the 4 and chirped it, hes doin the one wheel wonder and trying to play catchup as i just pull away from him. I just laughed, hit the brakes, waited for him to roll up and said, dude, you know your engine is the same ones that came in the trucks right, SOHC style, right, and then i just went home. Damn was i happy to shut him up for a while. I cant wait till the 5mgte is done with, then he will be really eatin the dust.

240s are the shit when you actually do more then a cold air intake and muffler on it, other than that... SAD SAD SAD
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240s love to try the old supra... hehe, i like watching them go byebye
and for some reason, every 240 owner i ever saw wanted to race my truck.
i mean comeon, its a pos FORD... and a ranger at that, but i guess they usually have gutless 2.3 liter four bangers, not the 2.8 v6s :twisted:
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