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yea, i was driving down the 105 freeway going to the interchange ramp to 705 when i had to slow down to a mere 60 (PEH) for a car. well i see this car behind me pretty close and culd sumwhat hear his resonating sound. so i give it a thot, then two, then three, and bam, as soon as i had a clearance i drop it into 4th and punch the beast, flooring to 95 before i change to 110 cuz i figure the car behind wasnt giving chase.

well in fact it DID give chase because a split second after i passed the slow ass car ( i believe camry? cant remember) it passed it too. boy it never caught up, so sad. and i know he was trying cuz his muffler was louder than mines. so yea i stopped once i reached 110 cuz my off ramp was coming up fast. and i turn to my left and see it was one of those ford focus hatchbacks, a zx2? and yup u guessed it, he looked at me while doing the ricer fly by. sad thing is, his gurl was in the car with him. BTW my car doesnt seem to want to do more than 110mph, not that that isnt fast enuf, but dammit, i want to hit 120 at least once.
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nice kill.... i really am beginning to hate those focuses/foci... theyre everywhere, and everyone thinks theyre a dragster.
its like when the neon first came out, no on realized its still basically a K car under the skin.
ha ha foci, yeah they're almost as bad as those pt cruisers. :puke:
Nice kill too.
which spoiler do you have on your car, if its the 82-84 style maybe is causing too much my stock 5m-ge i've had my speedo pegged several times, and was beside my buddy in a stang once, got it up to 140mph great kill, love killing stupid ppl with new cars...they get mad when they find out a 20 year old beat up car wooped up on theres...
KesekiSupra said:
BTW my car doesnt seem to want to do more than 110mph, not that that isnt fast enuf, but dammit, i want to hit 120 at least once.
put an intake hearders and exhaust and you'll be hitting 130 easy :wink: :p :twisted:
Nice kill
i got the 85 flush sunshade and rear spoiler so i doubt im getting drag. prolly cuz my engine is just so old
sorry for beeing dumb but whats a K car?
lol, um, guessing your a youngun....
a K car is chryslers mid 80s econoboxes... think a really ugly, square, front wheel drive economy car...
search on google maybe, should find some pics.

they have a real horrible reputation, but they actually werent that bad, for shit boxes...
like a dodge version of the chevette basically.
Actual name of the car was Reliant K...i think the K stood for: "Kiss your sex-life goodbye if your drive this POS" :roll:
Actaully, there were several based on the K car; the Relient and Ares come to mind. Also, there were the K-cars on steroids; the New Yorker, Dynasty, and 5th Avenue. They really aren't half bad for econo boxes, but the quality of construction lacks that extra attention I've come to expect from owning 2 Toyotas (like how Dodge glued the door panels on :mad: )
hahaha, my friend had an old Reliant, it would top out around 70-75. It wasn't in the best shape but still... that's just plain pathetic.

And who was it that was saying their stock mk2 can do 140?
Mine can't get up past 130ish and it's got aftermarket breather and exhaust.
Of course it also has 210,000 miles on it.
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