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ive had my supra since i was 16(im 18 now) and in that time ive done alot of racing, mostly against my friends.

some of my kills are:
92 mustang gt automatic
89 mustang lx 5.0 manual
90 nissan stanza automatic
86 300zx manual
84 porsche 944 automatic
94 mazda mx6 manual
87 supra non-turbo automatic
99 kia rio
95 mustand v6 automatic
92 saturn
99 saturn
91 crx si
87 trans am

cars that have beat me:
95 mustang cobra supercharged
90 supra turbo
99 oldsmobile alero
98 civic vtec
91 talon tsi awd
94 240sx w/ sr20det engine
92 300zx tt

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isnt a stanza that rigged up mini van/car pile oi crap

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_HOT_M16 said:
...i'll take that crx Si and meet you at the autoX

Come on now Billy... you know the Si would beat him in the corner especially with the double wishbone suspension and the lightnest of the car and also the SOHC D16Z engine is a little over 100 HP already....

CRX Si has proven itself already in Auto-X
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