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too much fuel pressuer??

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I just got my 7mgte running and everthing was good for a few days. Then I noticed yesterday on my way home from work that I had a loud buzzing noise in side the car. After looking around I found it to be the fuel lines
buzzing and vibrating. (i have an external bosch pump out of a 190 mercedes) After that I the car would loose power at WOT above 4k and now it will loose power at 3/4 throtle at 3k. I'm guessing I'm hitting fuel cut? everything is still stock on the car except for bigger IC and hard pipes. no leaks I've checked over and over! I'm thinking I might have too much fuel pressuer, whats the max fuel pressuer you can run on the stock setup? any help would be great thanks.
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get a real rrfpr theow a gage on it and tell us what is reads should be o about 28psi with vacume at iddel
Ummm..... No.....

You're NOT hitting fuel cut... And one of these days when it happens, you'll know it!!! Try to picture your motor accelerating, the turbo is boosting and all of a sudden the motor stops firing. Many peeps have said that it's like crashing into a brick wall... :shock:
i belive its around 45-55 but im not sure at all on that it is just a guestamate. but try thos link im sure you could find an answer there, and good luck :D

Sounds like the fuel pump is going out to me. If you were getting too much pressure, it would be downl low in the rpm band. Usually when people get hesitiation up higher, its due to the pump not pumping enough. Get on ebay and purchase a fuel pressure gauge.

It could be a fuel pump going bad or even a FPR (fuel press reg) especially if it's stock. I recommend an AFPR (adjustable, 1:1 rising rate) with FP gauge. You'll have to fab some fuel lines though.

BTW, you're not hitting fuel cut as it's pretty violent, imagine full boost then RAM, your engine quits (just for a second), engine light comes on and you'll say ?#@!? and then all is fine. Not a good experience.
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