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Too much talk, too little AutoX section...

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Allright, I have been gunning for an autocross section for quite some time, and each time I chime in, there is a reply something along the lines of "yea, we can do that". Maybe I missed something, but I'm still having to wade through all the suspension/engine/tire threads to recall autox specific information. I think there is enough vested interest allready to have a fairly useful section, and thats not to mention the number that would be attracted to it...

Now that I think a bit, it seems a "Solo" section would work better, including Solo1 and Solo2 (Track & AutoX for ye laymans). The vehicle setups and modifications are close enough that the information would coincide on most topics.

Viva La AutoX!!!
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actually a racing section makes more sense. We don't need a road racing and a separte autox section, or drag racing for that matter.

:) If there are existing threads you want in this forum, send them to me and I will move them.
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