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Due to the other thread being locked and inactive I am starting this one. Feel free to email me MY NAME IS RUSTY. I AM RUNNING THIS THREAD... (just so you don't miss it, and I'm not yelling, it's for those of you who don't bother to read). email me @ rusty DOT tracey @ gmail DOT com with your dyno sheets and timeslips. I will host them on my website so that they won't go down (due to photobucket, picasa wtf ever).

There will not be an "exclusive" top 10 list. Everyone that emails me their sheets will be listed here. We're a community after all :D Post away!!

I am copying Wes' format because I'm lazy and it's easy.

Information to include when submitting timeslips or dyno sheets

--Your screen name or real name whichever you would prefer to be listed by
--The year of your supra
--The model of engine you have
--Power adders, Turbo, Supercharger, or Nitrous
--What transmission you have (Either Manual or Auto, or if you want to let us know W58, R154, A240 etc.)
--A link to a scan of a dyno sheet or timeslip that you have posted online or a JPG file that I will host for you
--A link to your engine build thread (if you have one)


Turbo/Nitrous/Supercharger/V8 Drag Times
1. Jody Sille_____ <5MGT/M>(86) 10.669 @ 126.0 mph Timeslip
2. Donnie Spears - (Cheappower82) 6MGT/M-W58 (85) 11.032 @ 125.68 mph WOW Timeslip
3. Robert Maynor - (SupraGuy31) 7MGT/M-W58 11.947 @ 122.09 mph Timeslip 17psi
4. Damon Saul___<7MGT/M>(81) 12.225 @ 116.5 mph Timeslip
5. Donnie Spears_<6MGT/M>(85) 12.237 @ 112.6 mph Timeslip
6. Pituala - 1JZGTE/M-?? (85) 12.25 @ 122.7
7. Jason Moorman <7MGT/M>(85) 12.862 @ 110.4 mph Timeslip
8. Joseph S______<7MGT/M>(82) 12.929 @ 109.2 mph Timeslip
9. David Shepherd<7MGT/M>(84) 13.148 @ 112.2 mph Timeslip
10. Eric H___n2o+<1UZFE/M>(82) 13.190 @ 109.06 mph Timeslip
11. Helmsman____<7MGT/M>(85) 13.445 @ 112.0 mph Timeslip
12. Swank______<7MGT/M>(86) [email protected] mph Timeslip
13. Racefiend_____<7MGT/M>(8?) 13.886 @ 102.5 mph Timeslip
14. Pewee_Cressida<1UZFE/M>(8?) 13.926 @ 101.46 mph Timeslip
15. John Nguyen__<1JZGT/M>(86) 14.014 @ 110.0 mph Timeslip
16. Mike Pearson - (CarFreek) - 7MGT/M (85) 14.0 @ 101.0 Timeslip
17. Mailbyte______<7MGT/M>(84) 14.621 @ 100.0 mph Timeslip

Turbo/Nitrous/Supercharger/V8 Dyno Numbers

Name - (username) - Engine/Transmission (year) HP/Torque

1. Armin - (Pituala) - 1JZGTE/M-?? (85) 520/417 Chart is below
2. Wade T_________<7MGT/M>(85) 421/426 Chart
3. Donnie Spears - (cheappower82) - 6MGT/M-W58 (85) 421/423 Chart
4. Rusty Tracey - (kmfdmk) - 7MGT/M-R154 (85) 407/393 Chart
5. Charles Q - (charlesq) - 7MGT/M (84) 404/389 Chart
6. David Shepherd___<7MGT/M>(84) 402/416 Chart
7. James Cook - (pimptrizkit) - 7MGT/M-R154 (85) 375/334 Chart
8. Donnie Spears____<6MGT/M>(85) 348/394 Chart
9. Jason Moorman___<7MGT/M>(86) 348/370 Chart
10. Mike Defonce_____<7MGT/M>(84) 345/361 Chart
11. Bob Sully________<7MGT/M>(84) 336/366 Chart
12. John Heinonen - (jukka) - 7MGTE/M-?? (82) 335/328 Chart
13. Pituala__________<1JZ/M>(85) 319/348 Chart
14. Keith Poe________<7MGT/M>(84) 302/348 Chart
15. Helmsman_______<7MGT/M>(85) 287/285 Chart
16 Racefiend________<7MGT/M>(8?) 282/291 Chart
17. Mike Malloy - (Malloy) - 7MGT/M-W58 (85) 267/280 Chart 8psi - Build Thread
18. Mike Webber_____<7MGT/M>(85) 278/334 Chart
19. Dave Madden - (DMADMA60) - 1JZT/M-W58 (85) 269/273 Chart
21. Justin Morse______<6MGT/M>(85) 241/260 Chart
22. Pewee_Cressida__<1UZFE/M>(8?) 241/212 Chart
23. Eric Hamacher____<1UZFE/M>(82) 223/237 Chart
24. Jason Moorman - (Moorman) - 5MGT/?? (??) 212/214 Chart

1,476 Posts supra/P8240112.jpg

thats the last time i went to the dyno with 440cc injectors. i managed to max them out with my Gt57trim ct26 (it has the new and improved GT 57 wheel , it's taller/deeper and has more fin pitch.

i have drag time's some where.
i ran 13.050 @ 105/107mph during last years pacnw meet, i brought home high hp, and fastest mk2, they should have had an award for fastest supra, cause i would have brought that home too, the mk3 and mk4 running at the drags that night only could get into 13.1 range :p

1985 supra p-type.
1988 7mgte w/57trim ct26 & r154.
maft pro, 550ccinj,straight 3inch exhaust, 2.5in hard pipes, fmic.
knife edged crank (-2lbs), aluminum flywheel(-12bs),stage 3 spec clutch.
arp head,mains,rod bolts. 2.0mm mhg, n/a cams.
.20 over pistons, .10 under rod's and mains.
3 angle valve grind, and valves reset and shims spec'd for cams.
about 20-30k on motor since fresh rebuild in 05/06.

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no guess, but i've got to step it up a bit to hang with the tx2k9 crowd.

we're going from 20 to 25+ psi on the turbo, and we'll start off with the 3.56 gears. who knows. if i get the diff back this week, we'll t'n't friday night, possibly dyno thursday night. if not, next week

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no guess, but i've got to step it up a bit to hang with the tx2k9 crowd.

we're going from 20 to 25+ psi on the turbo, and we'll start off with the 3.56 gears. who knows. if i get the diff back this week, we'll t'n't friday night, possibly dyno thursday night. if not, next week
any news on the upgraded half shaft trail? I want to see some 450whp trans brake mk2 launches!

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just wondering if a graph/info from the dyno program on a Iphone/itouch would be suffice??
I should have my car tuned this weekend and will probably be borrowing a itouch/iphone with the program?
Well it's not really my call. We're a community based forum here. I say we make a poll. Personally I'm inclined to let it slide, as not everyone has the ability to drive to a dyno and spend a hundred bucks just to know how much power they're making.

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Here's two scans of the IFO race in November. I tried to darken them a bit, but it didn't work so great.

The first sheet is against a Mkiv that spun horribly out the hole (low 9 second car).

The second sheet is my second best time (can't find my 11.02 run):
60': 1.551
1/8th ET: 7.147
mph: 97.81
1/4 ET: 11.032
mph: 125.68

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^you blind bat. The thread starter is "who's running this", and you are required to post up time slips and dyno sheets :p
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