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Anyone happen to know about how high is the top speed of a 82L. I dont know what gears are in it. (car is not currently here right now) Im assuming it is the 3.73 cause thats whats been in all the other 82L ive seen so far at the yards. has the punkass digital85 speedo. but before my cousin gave me the car he topped it out. i was guessing that we were going about 130ish (ive done a lot of speeding) can anyone confirm whether im anywhere close. also will that change any with the 6m?
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I've seen 270km/h (167mph) in my Supra, and it was still pulling like a freight train! I have the gearing to do over 300, but I'm not brave (or stupid) enough to try it.

Oh, did I mention my Supra isn't quite stock? :lol:
I'm running 3.5:1 gears, so even redlining 4th is pretty damn fast!

Funny you should mention windscreen wipers; by the time I was finished that run they had crept half way up the windscreen and were blocking my vision. I was half expecting them to snap off just like my rear sunshade did a while back! :lol:
1 - 2 of 33 Posts
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