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Anyone happen to know about how high is the top speed of a 82L. I dont know what gears are in it. (car is not currently here right now) Im assuming it is the 3.73 cause thats whats been in all the other 82L ive seen so far at the yards. has the punkass digital85 speedo. but before my cousin gave me the car he topped it out. i was guessing that we were going about 130ish (ive done a lot of speeding) can anyone confirm whether im anywhere close. also will that change any with the 6m?
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You should be able to cruise at 130+ mph with no issues, no vibration and be very comfortable at that speed. Your car shouldn't scare you at 110.

This being said, not everyone is comfortable driving at over 100 mph period. I however dig it.


Especialy the --> I personaly dig it :!: :!: :!:
whats the gearing in a stock 82 p type ....lsd?
usually 3.727 I believe...
With my 6mge I've pegged my spedo at 130 at 5400 RPM's but the speedo reads 10mph faster then what your going i would say at 6700 i was getting close to 130 to 135
i went up to 135 in my 6m and i still had room for more i was at about 6k rpms, and i slowed once i reach 6k, cuz my steering wheel shakes alot, anything after 70 and its starts to vibrate,
Got my 82 to 220km/h a couple nights ago. Horrible front alignment. Coulda kept going, but traffic was approaching. As soon as I get the front suspension fixed (stabalizor bar thing only had one stud, and alignment). I'm going to go out and run it til i dont accelerate anymore. I'm gonna guess prob 230-250 somewhere.

I had the vic going 210km/h. Untill traffic. :bad-word: People allways get out of my way as soon as i slow down to there speed. :bad-word:
Personally I've had my '83 with the 5MGE and M/T up to about 215 km/h. It has the 200km/h speedo in it and at about 4900rpm I hit 200 k's. I think I've gotten up to 5000rpms in fifth gear a couple times. That car has about 250,000 k's on it with pretty much no mods. Then a couple nights ago I had my '83 5MGE, auto, no mods, on the highway beside a friend's '82 5MGE, M/T, no mods, and we were going about 200 k's. He's had his car up to about 230 once or twice racing his cuz's '93 MX3. Personally I haven't been in a MKIV, but I find the MKII's I've been in are quite steady at 200 k's. Oh and this friend and I independently did some redline of 6,500 rpm, in fifth gear, you'd be going approximately 270 km/h. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, though. :D
110 kph, pretty good considering ive put only 7 kms on my car!
since some ppl have mentioned other cars ill do mine!
in my 97 swift ihave trouble pegging it @ 150kph but when i went to MO at christmas last year me and my bro were crusing and this long strech down a huge hill came up w/ no traffic, so i throw it in 4th got up to about 170+ i think, then as we started up the hill i went to 5th and the speedo droped like hell back to 120 or so. laughed my ass OFF
plus theres a nice set of railway tracks i like to jump in the country here. 145 over them in the swift is great. have to drop off a passenger to see if i get air or not!
Remember that most of us are on stock h rated tires. exceed 130 mph at your own peril!

it dosen't take alot to screw you up at 100+ mph so if you are going to go fast do it at the track or on a road you know well that isn't busy and has a good surface.

will (who has pegged the speedo in all my cars.)
I posted above but then saw Donn29 said something about possible airtime.... The one route I take quite often goes through a couple intersections where the other direction has the right of way, but you can see from half a mile back or so if there's traffic, so with my blue '83 MKII I'll hit it at about 120 to 140 km/h, and like Donn29 I don't know if I get airtime or not, but it totally unloads the suspension! And with a truck I had a couple years ago I got airtime a couple times in the local "thrill-hills". Not much...just enough!
Phil G. said:
Norbie said:
I'm running 3.5:1 gears, so even redlining 4th is pretty damn fast!

Funny you should mention windscreen wipers; by the time I was finished that run they had crept half way up the windscreen and were blocking my vision. I was half expecting them to snap off just like my rear sunshade did a while back! :lol:
I guess that's what happens in a car designed for 130mph! I only mention trim peices flying off since that is what happened to Damon Saul's 7MGTE powered MKI after repeated 115± mph 1/4 mile blasts (he pulled about 110-111 mph trap speeds). The window trim around the windshield / A-pillar flew off!

Way to go Norbie :lol: Keep the pedal down!

Phil G.
hey Phil! Yeah, that was funny... I have yet to top out the MKI; the fastest I have had it was around 5K in 5th messing w/ a newer S/C Cobra on 378 in NJ... I hit fuel cut and was hanging on for life - it was quite scary (though I had pulled about 10 car lengths on him from a 65mph roll) :wink: . It would easily keep pulling all the way to the limiter in 5th, but the MKI is not nearly as areodynamic as the MKII by a huge margin and would need alot of work to make it a something I would try. Before I had the tach hooked up, when I ran it on the dyno for the first time, we took it to the rev limiter in 4th once just to see and it was doing 125mph (I had 3.73's, 205/15/15's, and an '89 MKIII W-58 at the time).
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