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Introduced at Tokyo Auto Show, Toyota GS bodykit one issue for FT-86 is sold complete with the way inserted in the body. But there are also sold separately bodykit like to Camry

Toyota went crazy over modded cars at the recent Tokyo Auto Salon in Japan. Alongside the FT-86 tuned by Gazoo under a new “G-Sports” badge, Toyota also showcased three other G-Sports cars.
First up is the Toyota Prius G-Sports, apparently tuned for even higher efficiency with better aerodynamics. Mods include a complete body kit that streamlines the exterior to cartoonish levels.
Then there is the Toyota Mark X G-Sports, with a sporting body kit and a 315 hp 3.5-litre V6 engine. If anyone follows the wannabe-tuner scene in the UAE, they’d know that this car’s predecessor, the Cressida-era Mark II, has reached legendary proportions in regional ghetto garages, thanks to its rear-wheel-drive and inline-6 motors.
Finally, the Toyota MR2 G-Sports is an engineering exercise. Based on the out-of-production MR2, the concept is a four-wheel-drive hybrid which uses a mid-mounted 3.3-litre V6 and Toyota’s THSII hybrid system, with an electric motor turning the front wheels, and the V6 kicks in at the rear wheels when needed. Good for more than 390 hp in total, the 1500 kg concept can do 0-100 kph in 4.5 seconds.
None of these cars will have a market outside Japan, but at least it shows that Toyota is dabbling in interesting enthusiast cars again, with a little outside help.

Inside view

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