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Toyota wants to reunite its fabled 'Three Brothers' trio of sports cars to help jumpstart the company’s heart.

Once upon a time Toyota was cool: Takumi Fujiwara delivered Tofu and decimated Japanese performance royalty in a Hachiroku, the mid-engine MR2 was untouchable in Japanese Super GT racing, Paul Walker walked Ferraris on the silver screen in a twin-turbo tangerine MKIV Supra, while the Celica had gotten itself banned from the WRC with one of the most brilliant cheats in the history of racing.

After a strange period where Toyota only wore brown loafers and ate at moderately priced chain restaurants, the global giant is about to get its edge back.

Tetsuya Tada, the father of the new GT86 and boss of Toyota Gazoo Racing, seems to have confirmed a new MR2 is in the works. With the Supra on the way and the GT86 already on sale as the Celica’s spiritual successor, Tada-San told EVO the “three brothers” would be in production together 'as soon as possible.'
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