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Toyota truck problem

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I know this isn't a supra questions but it has been bugging me for a while. My friend has 91 or 92 Tacoma 5 sp. He said whenever he revs it up or red lines it (not sure) his horn honks. Any clue on what this is or how to fix it? Thanks in advance. I am also parting out a 85 p-type pm if u need something.
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Tacoma owners where are you

This is a little odd :? I have no experience w/the Tacomas, but I noticed alot of members here have them :) I'm sure someone here knows the real answer.

Just an educational quess :idea: maybe the vibration is triggering a faulty connection :? but what :?:
Well He may have a 91 or 92 toyota Truck but the tacoma's didn't come out till 95.5. As for him reving it up and it honking. It sounds like maybe his wires are frayed at the horn and whenever theres enough vibration to contact them it honks the horn.
Maybe a fuel cut thing-a-ma-jig is shorting out with the horn? just an idea.... or a really loud warning that he's hitting redline :D
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