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TRD cams

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I'm just wondering what the TRD cams look like. As some of you know i bought a parts car and it had trd headers. well i was looking at the cam timing and noticed it was out a few teeth on both the exhaust and intake side. so i pulled the valve covers off and what do you know the cams look aftermarket. on one side of the lobe it looks like it would keep the valve open longer on. so does anyone have pics of trd cams? i just wanna know what i've got. and the cams look like they;re in really good shape. and my parts car also just had a high performance clutch and the shifter feels really nice too :roll: i got one nice parts car :)
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Talk to Dale in Vancouver (Supraz). He has a set of the TRD Cam's that he's looking in, to get copied. There was a big thread on this several months ago.
one side of the lobe it looks like it would keep the valve open longer

The stock cam profile is ground that way from the factory. Look at the center of the shafts. Do you see the Toyota "TEJ" insignia cast into the shafts?

dave, all the other cams i've seen have oval lobes. is this just because they've been worn down? and yes i think i recall seeing TEJ on the center of the cam
Check around them for casting marks, especially around the cast hex near the front of the cam. All the photos I've seen of TRD and HKS cams have cast in logos there.
Read the post on "TRD Cams" in this forum. Everything about the stock and TRD cam lobe profiles is posted there.
:? Ooops! The info. is listed in the "engine" forum.
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