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TrueTrac Diff Questions

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What is the general concensus of the TrueTrac Diff.

Has anyone destroyed one yet? If so what type of power are we talking about?

What is needed to install? or in other words should you rebuild your current diff, then add the TrusTrac or am I just really confused as to what exactly is included in this trueTrac Diff.

Your help and explanations, and input in this matter is greatly appreciated.

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Welcome back to the forums...nice of you to find your way. :bitchsla:
the only part you need is the outer carrier bearings for a 90 toyota 4runner 4x4 front diff. other then that just seals, and all other normal items for a diff rebuild minus the parts to rebuild the stock lsd's. as for strength, i did a little searching, and the truetrac is designed for 4x4 trucks as we already know, what most of us dont know is with the r&p gear ratio some of these trucks run, plus the power going through a tranny and a transfer case, it is possible to see up to 1400lbs/ft tq at the wheels. now, since most of the higher output mkii's are going to be in 400lb/ft tq range i dont see it as a problem. i personally am shooting for over 600rwhp when i build my other motor and dont think i will be able to break it.
Re: trueTrac

William, thanks for the info. Muchly appreciated
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