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trying to gauge interest in parts

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I have an opp to pick up a red 85P, looked at it quickly and think it may need more body resto than I want to commit to, and will probably use it for parts. Money is tight this time of year, and I want to see if anyone needs anything from it, to gauge how much of the cost I can recoup. The interior is maroon cloth, good/very good shape. Foglights gone, replaced with smaller aftermarket crap. Hatch is very good, sunroof good+. It's got the 5mge/w58 4.30 pkg. Any interest or questions for parts, let me know.
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there's a few things i'd like, if you do decide to get the car. i'm interested in:

- all four mudflaps
- all of the original side trim
- the complete radio wiring harness
- the entire bulb/pump assembly for the driver's seat


terra cotta? if so, I'm interested in center console armrest with the "clip" to lock. Both rear armrest. ...Many others I forgot in my head.
preferred money credit card here :cry:

and maybe complete dashboard.

See original listing, it's a Super Deep Red 85 w/ a Maroon Cloth interior, not Terra Cotta.

SilverWedge, You say the sunroof panel is good?? No scratches or dents??? Am also concerned w/ any rust that might be on the "back lip" of the roof panel (you can't see this lip from the outside, only when you take it out/off the car). Price???? And shipping to zip 98188??? I'm not committed to this yet, just trying to guage how much it will be. Otherwise, I'll just wait for the next SDR w/ a sunroof to hit the local junkyards, no biggy.

I am really seeking a right DOOR + right FENDER, no matter what year. But if it's too heavy to ship. I definately understand 8) zip 80925 Can I offer you $150 plus I pay shipping?
Just got it home...

I have to bring the rented trailer back, and I will post more specific info later. Hang on...... and I will put the post in the "For Sale" section.
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