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anyone know where i can find one for cheap for a 1985 P-type manual mk2? I went to the dealer to see how much one would run me, 79.00 dollars is pretty pricey. I wanna fix my fog lights and have no clue how to even get the damn light casing off. the metalic holder wont even pop off, or is it not supposed to? im a supra noob :oops:

like, theres sum lights on the side of the fog lamp that turn on, small ones, unless its the reflection from my front passing lights. but if not, then are those my regular fog lights/bulbs? im hoping i dont needa rewire sumthing to make them work, oh yea one major question, on the center console. theres two switches, i kinda figure the back one is for the radio antenna? so is the one closer to the radio the switch for fog lights? any info would be greatly appreciated
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eBay your best bet then try but expensive and

The running lights next to the fog lights are #194 get amber ones to match the turn signals, these turn on with the headlites :D
thanx, but problem is thats for a carb. engine, 85 is EFI. and still, can anyone tell me what those two switches on the center console armrest are for? and if the one closest to the radio IS for the fog lights, which way shuld the switch be for the fog light off position? and on the light tree, it clicks up 3 times, wats the first click do? i dont see it do anything. thanx again
Ah...... We have to hold another :n00b:'s hand.....

Foglights!!!! DO NOT try & pry the metal trim ring off!!! Great way to bend it!!!! It's held in by 2 small screws that you can just barely see inside the grille.

Step 1. Pop out the sides of the grille. Look inside the edge of the grille you will see a pair of tabs that hold the grille in on the side. Use a flablade screwdriver & spread the tabs apart. You'll need to push out the grille w/ your other hand.

Step 2. Remove corner turn signal housing. Should be pretty obvious.

Step 3. Remove 2 screws that hold in the trim ring for the fogs. Remove foghlight housing & replace bulbs. Reassemble is the reverse.

Console switches: Forward one is the foglights, rear switch is NOT for the radio antenna, that's for your rear window wiper. Foglight switch: Push down towards the radia turns them on, push down towards the rear turns it off.

DO YOU HAVE A OWNERS MANUAL???? Just wondering (pardon me for yelling)....

Headlight knob on turn signal stalk. When turning on: 1st position does nothing. 2nd position turns on parking lights, 3rd turns on/pops up headlights. Turning back: turns off headlights, parking lights stay on. Next click: All lights are off, but headlight pods are still up. THIS POSITION COMES IN HANDY IF YOU NEED TO CLEAN THE HEADLIGHTS, OR CHANGE A BULB!! (sorry... really wishing you had a owners manual...). Next click: lowers headlight pods.

Another item to check at the dealer, is to see if they are still making reproduction owners manuals.. They were available for awhile.

In the meantime, keep searching on EBay for a 85 TSRM, they will pop up on occasion, you just need to be patient... Same for a used 85 Owners Manual....

George: The TSRM on Ebay is for a 83, he needs a 85.

In the meantime, I need to be to more patient w/ the newbies... Esp those who don't have owners manuals.... :oops:
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George: The TSRM on Ebay is for a 83, he needs a 85.
Ya...I noticed that...but it's all i could find. I'm babysitting a mainframe all day at work and have nothing to do. Scanned all of's the only factory manual on there.
thanx a TON guys, im glad i didnt try to force the metal casing for the fog lamps or i wulda broke it :oops: but yea, im a noob, but soon illl be a vet with supras like u guys :p. now its time to goto autozone and get sum H3 bulbs for it, cuz yea, my switch has been on the on position for the fog lights for a LOOOng time. guess the bulbs have been out for a long time.

thanx again

-Cisco Blupra Owner

Still need a 85 TSRM???????????????

Here ya go, one just showed up on ebay today!!

Opening bid is at $20 USD. Good luck!!
great googlemoogle thanx!
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