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As others have mentioned in the past, the MHG's for the 7M will also work for the 5M or 6M. So basically, the stock 7M HG will work on the 5M, but why bother doing that, when a 5M HG is still good???

The general rule of thumb from MKIII owners on the SOGI list, is that the stock 7M headgasket (assuming you are still using a 7MGTE), is good up to about 12psi.. Beyond 12, plan on using a MHG.

On the 7M @ stock boost (around 6psi), the older HG's would still crap out, but the slightly redesigned ones that came out in 91 & 92 seem to behave much better. Assuming that you still plan to keep things under 12psi.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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