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I put a 2.0mm TMS MHG from on my 5m. When I went to put the upper rear timming belt cover on I found that the MHG protruded out from under the head about 1-2mm. I had to take a dremel and make a 5" X 2mm notch in the timming cover.

I would go with the HKS or Greddy MHG. Skip the TMS.

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Ok, here is the run down of everything I am doing for my turbo conversion...

Used CT26/manifold/elbow
Am going to have a local shop crush bend a downpipe for now
2.0mm MHG
Cartech RRFPR
Bored .020 over (non-forged pistons so keeping boost low)
Balacned and blueprinted with clevite bearings
295cc injectors with the appropriate clips
Stock clutch (for now, dont think it will last long though)
3 way grind on valves (stock springs)
mechanical boost gauge and A/F meter in pillar pod from
stock fuel punp (for now, may put in walbro depending on what dyno says)
Rabid Chimp IC and piping (if it ever gets here)
Rabid Chimp Turbo oil lines
Greddy type S BOV
AEM adjustable cam gears
Possibly an apex-i Safc II if the dyno says I am way off
Possibly a boost controller
I will probably have to relocate the oil filter
Drilled out the fuel restrictor

I am probably forgetting a couple things and will edit this post if needed.

This setup would be good for 6-8 psi driving daily and maybe 10 psi on short bursts. I have heard some people go up to 12 without hurting stock internals of the 5m but I dont want to chance it. With all the engine work and parts I am looking at around $4500 (without SAFC) to complete the project.

My car already has 2.5" exhaust from the dual collectors back so exhaust should be ok.
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