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Turbo vs. NOS vs engine swap??? cost vs performance????

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what would be better, considering cost, performance, HP. . .everything . . .
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Unless you are partial to the 5M engine swap in a 7M. More aftermarket parts avalable and after the initial cost of the install it can make more HP for the $$.

If you turbo your 5M and want to make decent power you will be spending as much as swapping in a 7M anyhow. The up side is you dont have to worry about the wiring aspect of swapping the 7M in (however there are people out there that will make you a harness for the 7M).


A stock 5M won't hold very much NOS happily. Much more than a 50 shot, and your really risking a meltdown. So, then you have the expense of building a motor to stand up to nitrous... which is about the same as a 5M-Turbo, or even more if your conservative with the turbo numbers...
what would be the cost? and HP gain for a 5m turbo upgrade . . . NOS for our MKII and of course the engine swap . . .

an aproximate would be ok . . . just want to look forward not to spend unnecessary money and to see if it worths it . . . :?:
The 5M turbo will gain you anywhere between 220-300 whp depending on what you do to it and how brave you are. You could put in forged pistons and go standalone for your fuel to get more but you might as well just build a 7M at that point.

I cant speak for the HP gains of a 7M or NOS.
Depends how much HP you want.

Nitrous, is going to be cheap, probably going to start f'ing stuff up beyond a 100shot though. Supposedly, the low-end grunt of nitrous will kill pistons at a lower peak HP level than a turbo install will. Again, havent heard much about nitrous beyond a single report of using 100shot with good results.

Turbo 5m, if your motor is in good shape, can be done for under $800 and get you 220rwhp fairly easily, 250rwhp is quite popular for the 5m-gTe guys. 300rwhp on stock internals is pushing the poor pistons pretty darn hard.

7m, going to cost more than the two previous, but on stock install will be reliable well past 350hp given fuel is there.

Want 14's? Go with nitrous and a 2-stage fuel pressure setup.
Want 13's? Go with turboing your 5m.
Want 12's? 7m swap is for you
Want 11's? Whatever man, its going to cost a butt-load regardless.

Hope that helps.
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or else you could be hardcore and try the 1jzgte or 2jzgte which will be killer. Be ready to hit 12's and under. good luck in whatever you do

Consider this... NOS is a consumable which means you're going to be constantly refilling that little bottle. The more you use it, the more you refill it. That would get old real fast and probably expensive over time tho I've never priced a refill. Turbocharging a 5m will cost 2x to 3x more than a NOS kit but once its done, air is FREE and ABUNDANT and you don't have to take time out of your busy schedule to get a bottle filled with it.

Phil D.
2JZ swap. You know you want to. :D

Who me, biased? :p
Or, why not go with a 7M-GTE and Nitrous? Come on now, more power. Probably a 1 shot deal, but I'm sure it'd be fast...

:mk2vroom: :3gears:
Uhh... a stock 7M isn;t all that much more happy about Nitrous than a 5M is.. The internals are stronger than a 5M's, but thats to deal with the boost ... so your back to building a motor stand up to the added force of the nitrous... plus doing the MHG on it (which is a give4n if your going to the trouble of the 7M swap) and your looking at some $$..

..and the impression I got from the original poster was that budget was a factor in the decision.
the budget its not a factor for the proyect itself, as Im planing (or at least Im trying) the project to be as specific as possible in order to get once for all what I want or the best, I mean, dont want to spend money for the first mod if it wont be needed or be discarded at the second or third mod.

the basic plan is :

engine: tune up and small repairs as needed / in progress
steering: done.
exhaust system: Odor while driving I cant get rid of . . . :evil:
suspenssion: maybe stock but depends on mods
A/C : pretty damm hot in here . . . we only have summer and 1 month winter
Interior: all in good shape except carpet, dash, and driver seat
leather seats: only driver and passenger

next two months:
the easy part is painting as it has clean body no rust no dents (almost no dents) interiors are the least expensive, except for the leathers and suspension is not a big deal as its in good shape. . . at this point the car should be in a very driveable conditions plus a real good look (stock). . .

then is time for the plus stuff :mods, wheels, leathers . . .pocess that may take a while and most of the costs of the project . . .

I almost forgot . . . Sound system that I already have which can be installed in obout 4-6 hours . . .
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if it were me, I'd want something I could drive daily and get decent milage and stuff but also have a fun little weekend car that puts out a lot of power if I want it, I dunno how similar that is to you, but I want to put the 7mgte in my car and maybe open the wastegate up to 6-8psi, they run 4 stock. It wouldn't destroy the engine but it would give me plently of power considering our cars are 700lbs lighter than the mk3's.

But I dont have money for that... so I'll probably drop a 6m in there when I get some money and do a little exhaust work and stuff like that to push 200rwhp.
that was the idea, but driving daily a car in this city is just . . . car killing, here in matamoros (Mexico) streets are real different from usa and other countries, 7 to 10 months and suspension needs to be repaired,

the idea now is to have a supra for the weekends and fun stuff . . . and some killings at the local ricer's meetings, maybe some at the local muscle cars meeting ( which are just a bunch of unmodified mustangs v8's) . . .
id say in the long run the 7m is the best bet best $ good power 5m or 6mgte is ok but to do it right you will spend a decent amount of $ 2j is the best but to much $. I love my 7m and it loves me :humpleg:
looks like I'll go for the 7m swap, never was really convinced about NOS, maybe turbo but the idea of a 7m plus turbo(if possible) makes me happy, next monts are going to be busy, in the mean time I will make a budget to do the swap while I enjoy a restored MKII rides :wink: at least while it still runs good (has 210,000 miles on it and still running great)

thanks for the input folks!!!
BTW, ill start searching everything for the swaps , costs and setup . . .
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