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karaki said:
These Aussie guys just rule when it comes to motor there anything these guys won't try :bling:
No offence to our brothers down south,but-- I take it it's kinda like Montana.All they have to do is tweak cars,drink and,screw :wink: Not much else going on :lol: 8)
Kinda like you Canadians in the winter.

<--- hides and puts on flame suit :p

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The problem with Canada is the climate itself. Yes a few months out of the year our prized MKIIs hibernate and there is time to work on them because they can't be driven due to the salty roads. But it's finding the room to work on them.

Some people store their cars in a place that does not permit work being done to them. Others like me have the car in a garage at home, but another one is parked right beside it. So there is no room to move.

A good sunny year round climate would be nice, but I like the change of seasons.

Norbie said:
Cars, beer and sex you say? Sounds like heaven to me... I wish! :)
No beer for me, I'll take the other two. If you ever come up to the US or Canada Norbie make sure you let us know and we'll make sure you'll get lots of beer on us. The woman here in Ontario are on the snobby side. Maybe it's just me? We'll try to hook you up.
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