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two 1979 4m-e engines. two 1979 w50 transmissions. Condition unknown. 1 engine has 77K miles, both turn over with a ratchet on the crank. Both will come with accessories, harnesses, computers, and everything else. Local pick up only. I WILL NOT ship these. I will ship smaller parts if people start wanting to piece some of the other stuff out. I want 300 for all of it. I will piece it out. If its not out of my way in three weeks, I'm going to junk it.

Contact Information

Name: Chris Parks
Home# 601-754-2444
Office# 601-833-7441
Cell #: same as home
Email: [email protected]
Pm: yes, or some supraforums/supramania/here..


Asking Price: $300 for all of it.
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