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UK classics magazine

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Paul Adams (supra_ma61 from the yahoo group) has had an article about the mk2 published in Practical Classics magazine

If anyone wants to take a look, I've posted it on my site
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woohoo, reference!
I read the entire article.......that was a sweet read. Lots of good info about maintenance and wear items too. 170 hp eh? Damn Europeans :wink:

Malloy: you should get that in the media archive :idea:
one thing i didnt know, but learned from that article... the coolant 'recovery' tank is actually just a collection tank.

good thing ive been watching mine, it hasnt gone up, and the rad isnt running low :)
Well this is a topic that would certainly be interesting to hear some discussion on.

In both of my 83's it is definately a coolant recovery system. When the engine is hot and the coolant expands it overflows into the tank and as the engine cools off after stopping, the overflow is sucked back into the radiator. I have marked the level of the coolant cold, then marked it hot and monitored it coming back to the level of cool.

At least to me, that makes is a recovery system not just a collection tank.

Now if you are missing the little tube that runs from the cap to the bottom of the tank, then your system would only act as a collector as there would be no vacuum established to suck the fluid back into the radiator. Same thing if you have an cracks or holes in the tank. I have had problems when that little tube got clogged up with gunk, but once I took it apart and cleaned it out, it started functioning properly again.

I vote it is designed to be and functions quite well as a coolant recovery system. As long as the coolant system is sealed and functioning properly.

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I keep getting connection refused or page cannot be displayed. Where can I get a copy of this magazine in the US? I looked at barne&noble about a week ago and they have several british car magazines but not this one.


I just did a full color print of the article. I'll mail it to you snail mail.

I also saved it to my hard drive and I will try to email it. AOL doesn't always like to let me email large files so I'm not sure if you will get it or not.

thats a sweet article, i read the whole thing from beginning to end, and there was some pretty interesting stuff, and i love the reference too
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