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I think that car has been for sale for awhile now. I believe it was the same one I saw almost 4 years ago now for like $13800 when it had like 35k miles. The seller is probably just hunting for buyers that will pay a high price for it. Assuming the car is in excellent shape I could see paying 10k if that is what you wanted in a car. If all you want to do is commute to work with the car its a waste. Considering what it costs to fix a car you'll save a lot of money just paying up front. I've easily spent twice what that guy is asking for that car, and I've still got a car that is only worth 3k tops when I'm done. I never bothered calling on this car a long time ago because its black and black=oven in CA. Seems to me that most low mileage MkIIs have blue interior. Blue interior must equal grandmas car or something :lol:
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