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Okay lets start by saying that the car is worth it...... if it realy is as good as it looks. Why?

1. No rust... I hate it and if I was to go through with an expensive and complex engine swap, suspension and brake mod I want a shell that has no holes. These cars rusted badly and being unibody it does not help things.

2. Its a 5spd. not auto.

3. It has the the right colour interior. Grey looks so much better than red.

4. Analog gauges... in Canada all leather cars had digital like mine.

Everything that a you would want in a good Supra. I wish it was in Ontario, but then I would have to wait another year to buy a new 4Runner.

If you convert the price now, US$10,000, into 1987 US$ it is less that what I paid for my '85 in '87. A bonus is you did not have to pay for years of storage cost.
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