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Based on the previous note about removing potentially dead accounts,
here are some suggestions on dealing with user/post bloat.

It does become a problem with any database backend.

These types of maintenance operations need to occur otherwise
the database will decrease in performance.


As for people that have joined and not posted, the real issue is
do they return?

If not, it sounds like a dead account.

This could be a 6 or 12 month maintenance.


Is the posting dead? If the post old and it's view count is single digits,
it's a likely candidate.

Is the post title ambiguous? The more unclear a post title is, the
less likely it will be read.

Was this topic helpful button. I've seen this before on a webforum.
Helps surface the more useful posts.

The "Best Of" post FAQ. Same idea as the classic yahoo list group
posts. Some are real keepers.
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