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I'll try to explain this as best I can...took the Supra to pick up a paper this morning, it was chilly(30ish) and after starting and letting it warm up a little I was off.

About a mile down the road I was pulling away from a light and shifting into second and letting the clutch sounded like a glass bottle was thrown against the pavement or a bunch of blots were sheared apart and shook in a coffee can---it sounded like it was coming from underneath the car, or from inside the right front wheel well.

Immediately I looked back on the road to see if I drove over something or something fell off the car---there was nothing, I let off the throttle expecting the car to do something bad, but nothing ran as normal. A couple blocks later I was at the gas station, car behaved as normal, nothing weird in the suspension, shifting normally, idiling normally. Picked up the paper, took a good look underneath, couldn't find anything weird. Drove her home and I couldn't detect anything wrong.

Any idea what could have made this noise? Everything seems tight on my car, it's not rusty underneath at all. Do you think I could have sheared some bolts out of the clutch assembly or something? It shifts as normal right now...I mean there was nothing on the road, I drove back the same way to check it out.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance, I always consult the good folks on this list before I do anything to my Supra.

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