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Vibrating at 90

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This is something that has been bothering me for a while. As soon as I hit 90mph my car starts vibrating and shaking like crazy. I always feel like it is gona fall apart. Any suggestions on how I can get rid of this? thanks
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Check the following:

wheel bearings packed and tightened to spec
wheels/tires spin balanced
bad tie rods
if you've taken the driveshaft off recently and didn't use new lock washers, check those nuts and bolts, and get new lock washers. i didnt and a few of the nuts vibrated loose and it was awful at anything over 30mph

My Grandfather would say "Don't go 90!" :lol:
oh yeah, also, if you've removed the driveshaft recently, maybe you didn't bolt it back together the same way you undid it. i hear it's only in balance in one of the possible configurations when bolting the two pieces together.

Muchbzy said:
My Grandfather would say "Don't go 90!" :lol:

Lol, thats what i was thinking when i read that, i alwasy tell customers at my work to slow down..but i would check what aj said
Your Gandfather is a wise man. :lol:
it did it before I took it off tho
im noticing the same problem... if i find out what it is, ill let ya know.
Noise at 90


I recently had this problem for a little while. As soon as I hit around 75 the car made an ugly sound and rattle. I thought for while and then remembered when I replaced my transmission I had only put one bolt in to hold the driveshaft bearing support. I had the bearing bracket upside down. I spun it 180 degrees and both bolts went in and made sure it was perpendicular to the shaft and the noise and vibration is gone. It could be your drive shaft bearing or the shaft itself is warped.
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