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Volk Wheels Available

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Was just looking through the Volk Racing's fitment guide sitting on my desk.. and guess what? Volks fit. They're not just for mk4s anymore.

Volk GT-Cs: 17x8, 4-114.3, +9mm offset

Volk GT-Ps: 17x8, 17x9, 4-114.3, +16mm offset (a 5mm spacer might improve the looks but is not necessary)

Volk TE37s 15x7, 4-114.3, 0mm offset
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Wow. I tried to see if they could get some rims from a place down here, and they said I'd have to order them from Ray's themselves. That's why I hate Georgia.

But yeah, I was looking in the Super Street Wheel guide, and the rims I want are priced like this:

GT-N: $465-$810
GT-C: $485-$650
LE28N: $550-$650

I'd love to see some LE28N in bronze on a supra though. Semi Old school.
Supra GTR said:
There is a shop in GA that sells Volk Racing. Knowledge Performance in Woodstock, GA sells Volks. I know because we are their distributors. Their # is 678-445-0688.
Oh thankyou. Now I know where to go to get some decent rims.
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