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Volk Wheels Available

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Was just looking through the Volk Racing's fitment guide sitting on my desk.. and guess what? Volks fit. They're not just for mk4s anymore.

Volk GT-Cs: 17x8, 4-114.3, +9mm offset

Volk GT-Ps: 17x8, 17x9, 4-114.3, +16mm offset (a 5mm spacer might improve the looks but is not necessary)

Volk TE37s 15x7, 4-114.3, 0mm offset
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Only the TE37 listed a 0mm offset. I believe I listed all the available sizes with their corresponding offsets. The closest is +9. (My Racing Harts are +10mm front and rear)


Email me at work: [email protected] for pricing. Warning .. these are about as high as Racing Harts
Let me see if I can summarize everything so far:

Volk Racing fitments

GT-Cs: 17x8, 4-114.3, +9mm offset

GT-Ps: 17x8, 17x9, 4-114.3, +16mm offset

GT-As: 17x8, 17x9, 4-114.3, +16mm

GT-7s: 17x8, 4-114.3, +18mm
17x9, 4-114.3, +18mm, or -1mm, or +6mm

TE37s: 15x7, 4-114.3, 0mm offset (still available as of 04/07/03)

I think I got them all.
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what are the specs on the GTU's? i think those have that 'oldschool-modern' look about them, they look really nice, whats the specs?
forget about 5mm spacers, the most common ones you find in stores are 7mm. Even with those you need to use longer studs, which isn't a big deal. You can make yourself a up to a 10mm spacer and safely use it with longer studs. But thats just necesary for the rear, most of those sizes will look just find on the front of a mk2. Those GTAs would look pretty good on one.
No specs on the GT-Us in 17" yet. As soon as I get them, I will post them. Keep your fingers crossed for low offset 4-114.3
Iwill say, the TE37 looks pretty badass with low offset. Unfortunately it will look silly on a mk2.
I personally don't recommend using loose spacers on anything. We happen to have 5mm spacers... thats sort of why I mentioned them. :)

5mm and up spacers will make the wheel non-hubcentric... which makes it more prone to vibrating. There goes all the work balancing the tires.

You can use what is known as ET lugs on wheels with up to a 7mm spacer. These lugs actually reach further into the wheels. They look like acorn lugs with a mag-like extension. But this point is moot on most Volk Wheels considering most require their own super small diameter lugs.

You can get custom bolt-on spacers with hubs machined onto them... at a cost.

I guess the whole point of what SUPRAFIEND, Malloy, me and whole host of others have said before. If you're going to spend money on anything, do it right. No matter if its wheels or other parts. Volks listed above will fit without the need for spacers.
Can you get SSR Reverse wheels stateside? I've never been able to find anyplace stateside that lists them. You can get 16x8s in 0 offset in the Reverse style and you can get 17x9 0 offset and 17x8 +13 offset in the Full reverse style. The only problem is if you do the currency conversion of the prices they list on their website they are 500-600+ USD each. For that price you can get better custom wheels made stateside. Thats the same problems with the Volks, most are $500+ each (at least the decent ones). I priced a set of the Volks once for the Solara in 17x7s and it was like $2000 or so for everything (minus tires).
Sorry we don't deal with SSR's... at least not through their direct importer. Might have to do it grey market.
According to the US importer - TE37s are still available in the mk2 fitment. Long wait though since they will have to be made.
Malloy said:
Iwill say, the TE37 looks pretty badass with low offset. Unfortunately it will look silly on a mk2.
I found these pics on a japanese site about a year ago.
Imo they look pretty nice. In fact Im planning on adding a set of bronze te37's to my parts stockpile when funds permit.

I believe these were 16x7 +15mm w/no spacers.
15mm in front and +/-0 in the rear should work quite nice.8)
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:shock: They don't actually look too bad.. Nice pics..
Good find! Its typically hard to find pic slike that on demand.
Yeah good find. You guys are good.

At least now we know what a mk2 looks like with these high performance race wheels.
damn that looks nice!! changed my opinion on how they would look
damn those TE37s look sharp, although i think bronze would look nicer on a black supra.

are volks as pricy as i think they are? (400+ us$)

if theyre in the sub 400 range i might consider a while :(
I know as soon as I can afford them... I plan on having a set of them :)
the wheels that are photoshoped on that car are high offset without any real lip. now if we had a pic of the that wheel in the right offset and they were powdercoated semi-gloss black it would look sweet imho. (edit: oops, i am talking about the red mkii on the first page)

Yes, the Volks are about as pricey as you think they are. Some even higher. To really appreciate the Volks, you have to see them tested to failure. As morbid as this sounds, to destroy a wheel shows its true nature.

A co-worker had a set of TE-37s on his Civic. He had waited 6 months to get them. 2 months after owning them.. A van tried to own him. Needless to say he was driving stupid before that. But nevertheless the car got pushed into the curb. His rotors were split in 2. ... The TE-37s? There were intact. Only some curb rash. He was even able to drive the car to work on the TE-37s.

Ultralightweight and brutally strong. Can't say enough about them from a performance aspect.

And like the TE-37s, the other wheels that Volk Racing/Rays Engineering makes are some of the best wheels out there.
ok so when you gentlemen have finished argueing about what looks best spare a thought for us guys who dont seem to be able to get hold of these wheels old school, modern or even just something that fits,, any suggestions for rims in the uk?
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