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Volk Wheels Available

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Was just looking through the Volk Racing's fitment guide sitting on my desk.. and guess what? Volks fit. They're not just for mk4s anymore.

Volk GT-Cs: 17x8, 4-114.3, +9mm offset

Volk GT-Ps: 17x8, 17x9, 4-114.3, +16mm offset (a 5mm spacer might improve the looks but is not necessary)

Volk TE37s 15x7, 4-114.3, 0mm offset
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This will give me another excuse to go buy Max Power Magazine. (Like the beautiful half naked birds weren't enough. And I don't think they would let me browse through that magazine at work :oops: ) (Wonder if they'll let me write off a trip to the UK as a business expense? :twisted: )
I do remember seeing some wheels that looked to be close to 4-lug 0mm offset in the magazine ads toward the back.

Pat (from the UK) had ordered a set of I-forged wheels. Right now he is experiencing what some of us dreaded: Dealing with an inexperienced company overseas. Hopefully, I-forged will resolve their issues and send him the wheels he wanted.

If you deal with a reputable company who knows their product you shouldn't have too many problems. All the information you need is in this thread or even under the FAQ page on this site:

8" wide max in front 0mm to +15mm offset
9" wide max in rear 0mm to +15mm offset
center bore = 60.1mm
bolt pattern = 4-114.3mm = 4-4.5"

Your best bet is to find a local shop that deals with Braid (Spanish - built) and/or Simmons (Australian-built). I figure these are easier to find in your part of the world than the Japanese wheels. Probably a little bit cheaper.

If you can't find a wheel shop locally that deal with Volk Racing/Rays Engineering, Simmons, Racing Hart, Forgeline, HRE, Fikse, Billet Specialties, Weld, or even Braid, then you might need to deal with a company overseas from either the US, Japan, or Australia. You might want to try your high end tuner shops that deal with Japanese cars. This should be a good but do-able challenge for them.

Right now shipping from the US is about $200 for a set of wheels plus customs/duties/tariffs, etc. Of course that number will change depending on the carriers and exchange rates.

(Heading to the local book store to buy Max Power 8) )
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DOOOHHHHHHHHHH :shock: :shock:

I just now remembered!!!!! Compomotive's are ACTUALLY English built wheels!!!! Our U.S. source (Competition Specialties) just imports them into the U.S. and assembles them.

So theoretically, you should be able to get Compomotives easily in the UK.... theoretically.... :?
Wow. I tried to see if they could get some rims from a place down here, and they said I'd have to order them from Ray's themselves. That's why I hate Georgia.

But yeah, I was looking in the Super Street Wheel guide, and the rims I want are priced like this:

GT-N: $465-$810
GT-C: $485-$650
LE28N: $550-$650

I'd love to see some LE28N in bronze on a supra though. Semi Old school.
There is a shop in GA that sells Volk Racing. Knowledge Performance in Woodstock, GA sells Volks. I know because we are their distributors. Their # is 678-445-0688.
Supra GTR said:
There is a shop in GA that sells Volk Racing. Knowledge Performance in Woodstock, GA sells Volks. I know because we are their distributors. Their # is 678-445-0688.
Oh thankyou. Now I know where to go to get some decent rims.
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