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This is yet another post about this issue.

I have a low mileage 5 Speed with about 34,000 original miles on it.
I was driving it several weeks ago and everything was fine. I start to pull away from a traffic light and I can't find second gear, or third gear, or fourth gear...
After some fiddling I realize that the H-pattern is sort of distorted. I was able to get home so I pull the console and have a look at the shift lever socket.

I have goo in the shifter extension housing.

The spring on top of the shifter ball is full of plastic debris.

My first thought is that I have to get a BillyM Shiftgasm kit, but I thought that his kit was for the lower ball socket that fits in the shifter slider. Instead I go to my spare W58 that I have had since 1992 which surely doesn't have much wear on it.

Wrong. It's not quite as bad, but it's pretty bad!

This is what a new shifter bushing is supposed to look like.

I went to my Toyota parts department and figure that this bushing can't be too expensive... Right. The (young) parts guy goes through the diagrams and says that I have to order P/N 33570-14030 ‘Retainer Sub-Assy, control shift lever’ which should contain this part. The Canadian list price was C$257.46! The US$ list is about US$106! (Now I know why a lot of people call Canadians friendly, they like to bend us over and have their way with us!)

I start looking at the Toyota Truck forums and realize that they use the same transmission and use Toyota Part 33505-35020 for a shift bush. I go back to the Toyota dealer and order one. I get an older parts person and he says 'oh yeah, the 4WD shifter bushing, that works great for the Supra).

It works.

Toyota Part Number 33505-35020 SEAT SUB-ASSY, SHIFT LEVER List Price C$27.03 (Ouch)

Installation was easy. Even I could do it. You have to pull the face plate and knobs off of the temperature control panel. The stereo surround comes off and the console comes off with 6 screws. Unscrew the shift knob, remove the 4 bolts holding the shifter boot in place, and the 4 bolts holding the shifter extension cover plate in place (don't mix the 2 sets of 4 screws up like I did) and pull the shifter up and out.

Clean out the debris from the shifter extension.

I put a piece of cotton rag down into the transmission to prevent any of the remaining debris from getting into the transmission. I then scooped the debris out. There is a rubber washer that comes as part of the shifter socket that has to be removed.

The lower shift socket attached to the transmission was in perfect shape. The rubber was firm and the aluminum inner and outer pieces were not deformed. This is a very low mileage car so I suspect that this may be unusual.

Drop one side of the bushing under one of the shifter alignment pins.

The bushing is flexible enough to squeeze it so it slips in between the shifter alignment pins.

The bushing sitting in the socket. Add a little grease to lubricate the part and the ball socket so it doesn't have undue friction.

I did not replace the lower Teflon bush on the shifter knuckle because this one looked good, but on higher mileage cars I would definitely replace it. The Toyota Part Number is 33548-31010 Canadian List C$11.58

I greased the shifter ball socket where it contacts the steel cover plate and reassembled the system. The cover gasket was reusable but the part number is 33584-22020 and is Canadian List C$2.22

After I put it together the car shifts like it was brand new.

However I learned that if I had to do it again I would have ordered BillyM's Shiftgasm kit because it contains a Delrin version of the Shifter bushing as well as the lower knuckle bush and the brass replacement socket that attaches to the shifter. The price would have ended up being less and on a higher mileage car the lower knuckle bush would have required work as well. I suspect that the Delrin will last a lot longer than the rubber Toyota part. I was under the impression that the Shiftgasm was for people who were beating the daylights out of their cars and that a gently driven car wouldn't need one.

I didn't order the Shiftgasm because I wanted the car on the road right away and Toyota was able to get the part in 4 hours.
I recommend that even if you have a low mileage car that seems to be shifting correctly, get one of these kits. The shifter WILL break.

Gee, this sounds like advertising doesn't it? It's not.


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(Now I know why a lot of people call Canadians friendly, they like to bend us over and have their way with us!)
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I think I just pee'd myself!

Is that close?
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