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The only real advantage to using a W-58 from a N/A mkIV or Lexus (SC 300, GS 300, IS 300) is that that unit has double row synchros and makes shifting a bit smoother. Please do not think that the the over all strenth is any better than the orginal W-58 that came in your supra. My orignal W-58 lasted the longest (2.5 years at over 300whp), the mkIV w-58 lasted 4 months with over 400whp. Now granted, the mkIV tranny was seeing more power and more abuse than my orignal trans, but for the extra money I spent on the mkIV w-58 (which I was told that it had been built to take over 500whp) it was not worth the trouble to swap all the needed parts to make it work in the mkII. I am now on my 3rd trans and it is a w-58 from a 86 mkII - I know it is weak so I'm keep ing the boost limited to 10psi so maybe it will last untill I get the spare time to do the R-154 swap.

Do not belive the hype about how strong these w-58's are, they are virtually the same unit that is in your car. Now I'm sure some N/A mkIV guy has posted over 500whp on his orginal trans, but I garuntee that he will not be driving it on the street at that power level for very long.

Bottom line: w-58 is good to 300whp, any more and it will fail - just a matter of time and driving style
r-154 is good to over 700whp, a good friend of mine is doing just that in his daily driver mkIII (I think he has the most powerful mkIII in the US, maybe the world - it is his orginal trans and his DD)
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