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Nothing special needed to autocross. Just make sure your car is in ok mechanical shape, make sure the battery is tied down firmly with something hard (not bungee straps) make sure the brake pedal feels firm and it doesnt sink. MAke sure your wheels are torqued correctly and the balljoints are in good shape and you are good to go. The club will have some loaner helmets you can use while you are racing. I would highly reccomend joining the SCCA. It is only $35 if you are under 21 and you will save around $10 at each event due to member vs. non member pricing and be able to gain access to member only events and benifits. You may be able to run with an instructor with just a learners permit, but you would have to ask around about that because policies vary from region to region. But I highly recommend you go out and have fun and start learning as soon as you can, I dont want you to wreck your first car playing colin mcrae like I did a week after I got it. Check out and particularly this page to get started with the SCCA theres links there to find your local region, and info on membership. Have fun and let us know how you like your first event.
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