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Hi Guys,

I am in need of:
-Set of mint 82 door handles with key.
-New or like new battery tie down bracket (yes I'm OCD, weren't these available still at the dealer a few years back?)
-Terra Cotta arm rest, shift boot, floor mats, rear trunk carpet if possible
-Lower mint rocker trim (yes I know I can buy it new... will do someday once car gets painted)
-Blank plate or cupholder for above/below the radio

The more the better. Shipped to Canada.

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NA,new now.
Used? Maybe.
74404-14260 - Battery Tie Down Bracket
It is possible to modify a MK III hold down as drjim did.
It's the bent up portion at the front that is hard to reproduce.
Tanya got lucky and found a used one from revvhappy.
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