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TOYMAN321 said:
Has anyone here ever used a water injection setup on their sup's or any other car for that matter? I'm hearing about significant gains in HP and in milage with water injection kits....
I have heard the same claims, since 1980, but still 20+ years later, nothing substancial about it, other than what has already been listed above. From what I remember from an article that I read in 1979/1980 time frame, the water injection was to help cool the piston down to keep the fuel mixture from preigniting (ping). I was looking into the water/alcohol mixture, because the alcohol in it was suppose to help with the octane rating. I worried about things like, where does the water (which doesn't burn (but I could be wrong :shock: )) go after it leaves the cylinder? Would it rust my exhaust, headers etc? Stupid idea I know, but I could never get a clear answer on that. Some of the B52's use water injection to help them get off the ground, so there must be something to it.
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