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We Need an: 'I'm with Stupid' Emoticon

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Hey Stephen,

i think this forum is in dire need for a 'I'm with Stupid' emoticon...what do you think...can we swing this deal :?:
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Here are some that Iv found on other forums :p Maybe we can get rid of some of the ones we dont need :wink:

*EDIT* here are some more, if you like them

<----Replace :pray:

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i'm with stupid emoticon

i use this for I'm With Stupid:

or, Stupid's With Me:
:stupid: 7 Year thread revival, really?:laugh:
allow me, george.....

seriously though, how did you even FIND a thread like this? or, why is the better question.
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<--wonders if this thread will ever die!!!
Nah! Why stop now? Just make sure that if we get this smiley that it looks like Jamie

What an awsome first post. I'm jealous I didn't make an entrance like that.
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