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I recently added some more things to my website. I put up an autocrossing video with my new wheels. The cylinder head page is finished, there is a header install page, and a heater core install page. Just follow the link in my sig to my supra page.
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Good stuff Wes. I actually saw this the other day beofre seeing this on the forums.

How did you attach the ends of your rear brace? Do they slot over the tops of the shocks and are then secured with a nut on the tiny bit of thread that sticks out or something?
Hey Wes... wheres the pix of the car wearin its new shoes?
Yeah it bolts over the top of the shock studs. It works quite well. I am actually in the process of making a new one thats a little better designed for my camera mount, and I am polishing the bar this time instead of painting it. I plan to have that done by this weekend so I can get some in car video this sunday.

I took down the pics I had with the new wheels because I am running out of web space. I reposted the one i like the most here I need to go out and take some all new pics for the site since so much has changed with the car since I took the ones that are there now.
You mount a camera on it??!! I downlaoded your autocross vid, but media player wouldn't play it (or download the right codec for me) What do you use?

Are those rims -16s? - heavy or light? :)
yea how do you like your rims are you happy wth the offset or would you have liked to do something difrent with the back set/frunt set ? Dave
All good questions but I want to know more about the rear bar. Any pictures? I want one really bad... :roll:
Yes i have an elevated camera mount that mounts to the middle of the bar. It gives the perspective as if you were sitting on the hump in the rear seat, you can see the driver and out the front window. I am planning on offering rear bars for sale, 2 types, also camera mounts if i can find a place to buy the mounting heads from that I need. I just have to work out some more details and come up with some pricing.

The video is encoded in windows media 9. Go here
and download the codecs installation package from the first drop down menu, then choose which operating system you have and download and install it and it should play just fine. The video was taken from the sidelines. I dont have any incar video from autocrossing just yet.

The wheels are very nice, i wouldnt change anything. They are kinda heavy, 19 pounds without the centercaps but they were pretty cheap to buy compared to other mk2 wheels and i dont even know how heavy those are. There probably not much lighter if any.
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Sport Compact Car is doing their wheel issue and I'm always amazed at the weights of the wheels. Your wheels at 19lbs. is pretty good.
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