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:D I went on my first ever 'Meet' today. It was a 'Soobynet Meet' (suburu) but we drove a Supra, another was in a porsche 924, another a Nissan 200 SX (S14) ((Very slick and Black)) and two Suburus...

OMG!! :shock:

I can't remember the last time I had such fun *Thinks..... Well maybe I can,, but not in a car! :lol: and certainly not at that speed!!*

We drove an approx 60 mile route, stopping half way at a pub for lunch. We took on the two suburus and gave them a run for their money, I can tell ya.
Top speeds of around 125mph and we got AIR too (in a few places)
Not to mention the liberal sprinkling of rust particulars from the supra sunroof :roll:

But I wanna go again and soon, weather dependant, (Sadly rain is not terribly conducive to high speed on bumpy little B roads) :mk2vroom:

So now I really am a 'Speed freak' :banme:
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