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What are my options?

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Okay, I hate to sound like an idiot girly-girl...I am too old to be a girly-girl...but here is my story and my question:
First, I know nothing about my very newly purchased and not running MKII. The engine is shot (I guess I do know SOMEthing about it) and my dear husband (who bought it for me) will put a new engine in it for me. The problem is, he likes to do things complicated. That makes for some pretty quick cars, but maybe not the most reliable. I don't want him to make it harder than it has to be. It only takes a little speed to make me happy, I am more into handling than horsepower. I want an engine that will fit into my car, 'drop in' as it is called...or one that will 'drop in' with a kit that is easily available. No turbo.
Sooooo, what fits? I see where several engines can be put into my car, but what will fit easily? In case it makes a differance, it is a 1984 Celica/Supra. Also, what is the best bang for the buck?
Thanks. Sorry if this is a redundant topic, I looked for a list of engines that could fit but I didn't see one.
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Your best bang for the buck, in regards to non-turbo engines is the 6m. It's pretty much a straight drop in with very little to do beyone changing the oil pan/sump. That's all i needed on mine. They are readily available from many Japanese engine importers, but I'd recommend getting one from He does great work and he's very honest.

I hope that helps.
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