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what do i need for a 6mge rebuild?

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i know that the 6mge uses the 5mge head so i know what parts i can get for that. but the block is different than a 5m, so what can i get for it. since its a jdm engine can i get any pats for it at the parts stores here in the states or do i have to learn japanese. i will most likely want to get all internal bearings, pistons and rings, maybe rods and a thicker head gasket to lower compression. this is of course when i get the money and it will be turbo'd.

i've searched and i get mixed answers about weather or not the block is essentialy a 7m or not. will 7m pistons and crank fit or not fit?

i'm just looking for consistant answers and manufacturers(sp) of parts for the 6m engine.

thanks to all that help Darrow
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I believe this is the case, but I am sure that others will chime in if not:

The block is a 5M type, it has been machined to accept the 7M type longer throw crank. The rods, I think, are unique to the 6M, they are shorter to make up for the longer throw crank. The seals on the crank are 7M type.

I believe you can put 7M rods and pistons in, but the 7M piston tops are designed for a 24 valve engine.
Just finished working on 5mge and 6mge, and this is what i think you'd need offhand.

7mge crank and rods, crankshaft seal, 6mge crank pulley(hard to find), 5mge pistons, head

The block is the same, the rotating parts are what are different. I think the rod bearings are the same on all three motors, the mains have to be from a late model 5mge or 7mge, rings from a 5mge will work.

Maybe someone can verify or deny this.
All the replacement type parts are 5M, except the front main seal which is a 7M parts. Rods are similar dimension wise wise to a 7M, crank is a 7M part. Crank pulley is unique to a 6M.
I thought the pin height on the 7M pistons are different than the 6M/5Ms? Thus the rods on the 6M need to be shorter. Never had a 6M to look at, but thought something had to give with the longer stroke in the 6M.
6M rods are the same length as 7M rods. There are people that have used the 7M rods in a 6M. Both are shorter than the 5M rod. Stroke is completely a function of crank throw.
thanks for the replys

this is what i gather so far:
pistons and piston rings: 5m
crank: 7m
crank bearings:7m
rods: 7m
rod bearings: 7m or 5m
crank seal front and rear: 7m
metal head gasket: 7m
all head parts: 5m
Timing belt: ?
crank pully: 6m specific
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Timing belt: Late style 5M
Rear crank seal: 5M
Note about pistons: Early 5M flat tops (8.8:1 in a 5M) yield 9.2:1 compression in the 6M due to greater displacement compressed into same size combustion chamber.
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