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I bought an 83 P-type off a friend who wrecked it into a guard rail. and really screwed up the driverside quarter panel. So i went looking for a wrecked supra with a good quarter panel. and i found another 83 p-type. So i had them cut out its quarter panel. starting right behind the driver seat, over to about the middle then straight back to the middle of the spare tire wheel well then straight across to right behind the rear right side break light. as for the roof they cut from the left side to the middle then back.
and then on my car i cut from right behind the driver side rear window straight down to about the middle of the wheel well. on the inside i used a hammer and chisel to brake the factory spot welds and i chiseled off the peice that holds the tial light and locks the hatch down in place then i did the same to the new quarter panel except i made the panle so it would slit up inside the rest of the rear side. then welded it, grinded it, and puttyed it. now its almost impossible to tell how i did it.
i just thought i'd post this incase someone might need to do the same thing. if needed you can check out the pics i posted. just me a responce if you can.
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I got my supra for a thousand bux and it's an awesome car. I'm not sure how much you paid, but you might just wanna get a decent one. Mine is an 85 5 Spd with 195K miles. The paint is original and still shiny silver like new, the interior is also nice, the shifter boot is worn and the dash has cracks but all around, it's a great car. The tires, clutch and rear differential are less then 10K miles old. These cars are amazingly high quality and really cheap.
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