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well, my 84 would do that into second and third but was spinning the tires. at the top of third it just lwouldnt go, no power, and after shifting to 4th and staying in it you could start to smell my stage 3 kevlar disc burning(last time it came out the flywheel and pressure plate were rainbow colored and the beige disc had burnt edges, and i mean burnt, they were black).

what your experiencing is a slipping clutch. instead of the tires breaking loose, your stock clutch isnt strong enough to grab so something has to slip from the shock of tq after the shift. so you clutch slips like tires spinning and then grabs and you regain the power to the wheels. like spinning tires eventually grabbing and putting the power to the ground. since you put wider tires, its harder for them to break loose so something has to give, in this case the clutch. hth.
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