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What does MA67 mean?

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Some of you experts sometimes refer to supras as ma67, particularly mkII, what does this terminology mean?
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its the chassis code, sort of like some supras a GA6X
or celicas are RA6X
and cressidas are MX73

of course, there are different variations, such as the mkIII supras are MA70...
M is the engine code, A is the body code, and the number is the model, IIRC

To be more specific:
M = engine series
A = chassis series (RWD Celica/Carina/Supra)
6 = chassis generation (ie 6th generation of the A chassis)
7 = model variation

To confuse matters, in some cases the engine series may be two letters, and the chassis generation may be two numbers. For example, the current Celica is designated ZZT230:
ZZ = engine series
T = chassis series (FWD Celica/Carina)
23 = chassis generation
0 = model variation

Hope that makes sense. :)
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I think the intended question (or, if not, MY question) is: what is unique to a MA-67 as opposed to the run-of-the-mill MA-61?

Thankyou Supra Gods!

To add more confusion, here is the rundown on ALL of the known chassis codes for all of the Supra's that were ever built,


MA45: MKI Supra/CelicaXX w/ the M-EU 2.0L motor.
MA46: MKI Supra/CelicaXX w/ the 4M-E 2.6L motor.
MA47: MKI Supra/CelicaXX w/ the 5M-E 2.8L motor.


MA61/MA67: MKII Supra/CelicaXX w/ the 5M-GE DOHC 2.8L motor.
GA60: MKII Supra/CelicaXX w/ the 1G-GEU 2.0L motor.
MA63: MKII Supra/CelicaXX w/ the M-TEU 2.0L motor.
MA6?: MKII Supra/CelicaXX w/ the 5M-E SOHC 2.8L motor. (Does anyone know this chassis code??).


MA70: MKIII Supra w/ the 7M-GE 3.0L motor.
MA71: MKIII Supra w/ the 7M-GTE 3.0L motor (this chassis code DOES NOT exist in Japan, both the 7M-GE & 7M-GTE uses the MA70 chassis code. The MA71 is basically a US reference)
GA70: MKIII Supra w/ the 1G-GTEU 2.0L motor.
JZA70: MKIII Supra w/ the 1JZ-GTE 2.5L motor.


To my knowledge, both the 2JZ-GE & the 2JZ-GTE MKIV Supra's use the JZA80 chassis code. Corrections????
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Cheers Chris,

Our Oz. spec. 5Me MkII's are ALSO MA-61s. What are the different features in the MA-67? Is that the L or P or whatever type differences you all have?

- Justin
JZA-61 (number 7 with that 'model code' that I know of!)
As far as I know, there is no such thing as a "GA60". There is a GA61, and this came with either a 1GGEU, or a 1GEU (like mine).
I might add that the MA71 did exist in Japan; a friend of mine purchased a JDM front cut which was an MA71. The MA71 certainly isn't a "US reference" because some Australian-delivered models were also MA71's. To add even more confusion, I have seen MA70's with factory-fitted 7M-GTE's.

Isn't that because they'd designated the MA71 shells to be the turbo versions, and the MA70 shells to be the NA versions?

Then they found the turbo was WAAAY more popular, so they started dumping the turbo engines in the MA70 shells?
What is a 1g-gteu?
That would be a Gen1 or Gen2 version of the twin-turbo 2l six based on the 1G block.
Gen3 would be just 1GGTE.

Gen1 puts out 185hp, and Gen 2&3 make 210hp.
They had STOCK twin turbo's in MKII's!?!
edit: nevermind, I see turbo was only on mk3's
edit again: G blocks were stock on mkii's?
Considering you probably read it from that list above, the engine they are talking about looks like this:
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