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To add more confusion, here is the rundown on ALL of the known chassis codes for all of the Supra's that were ever built,


MA45: MKI Supra/CelicaXX w/ the M-EU 2.0L motor.
MA46: MKI Supra/CelicaXX w/ the 4M-E 2.6L motor.
MA47: MKI Supra/CelicaXX w/ the 5M-E 2.8L motor.


MA61/MA67: MKII Supra/CelicaXX w/ the 5M-GE DOHC 2.8L motor.
GA60: MKII Supra/CelicaXX w/ the 1G-GEU 2.0L motor.
MA63: MKII Supra/CelicaXX w/ the M-TEU 2.0L motor.
MA6?: MKII Supra/CelicaXX w/ the 5M-E SOHC 2.8L motor. (Does anyone know this chassis code??).


MA70: MKIII Supra w/ the 7M-GE 3.0L motor.
MA71: MKIII Supra w/ the 7M-GTE 3.0L motor (this chassis code DOES NOT exist in Japan, both the 7M-GE & 7M-GTE uses the MA70 chassis code. The MA71 is basically a US reference)
GA70: MKIII Supra w/ the 1G-GTEU 2.0L motor.
JZA70: MKIII Supra w/ the 1JZ-GTE 2.5L motor.


To my knowledge, both the 2JZ-GE & the 2JZ-GTE MKIV Supra's use the JZA80 chassis code. Corrections????
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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