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What engine do I have?

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I know supposedly I have a 5-MGE, BUT it feels a lot more peppier than it should, I noticed that in all the pictures i've ever seen of a 5-MGE engine the valve cover has been black, but on mine, it's blue? does that mean anything? btw, I have a near mint 1984 Celica Supra 5 speed 4.30 gears all that jazz, i just don't know any history on it, because the car was impounded, and i was able to get it with a salvage title. so, thanks in advance.
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Look on the block right beside the oil filter for the engine designation. There's a flat area on the block that will have either 5M or 6M enscribed on it followed by some numbers. You may have to clean the pad with some degreaser or a wire brush to see the info.. The 5MGE and 6MGE both came stock with cam covers that have a Black wrinkle finish.
look underneath by the oil filter. there should be a set of numbers and letters. if it begins with a "6M".

that means you have a 6mge engine. also, look at your intake plenium. if it reads "3000" (instead of EFI) that means there is a chance of it being a 6mge or else the previous owner messed with the fuel injection system. but really, just look up underneath by the oil filter for numbers.

colored valve covers mean nothing. it just means the person before customized a little.

why oh why did you have to post just before me.. :p
but yeah, what he said.
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