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Why? Some manufacturers like Lotus used to install red valve covers to denote their higher compression/higher performance motors. The seller of this Supra was not going to fool anybody but himself on the 5m, but perhaps he had fun pretending.

On the valve covers, you need to remove them, strip all the paint off and reapply the black crinkle paint finish (there's multiple threads on our forum with how-to instructions) then reinstall. It can be done in a weekend as long as you can get the wife out of the house and the weather allows you to open the kitchen windows.

The upper timing chain cover I would not try to remove the red paint as you would likely only do damage to the plastic underneath. Instead, I'd suggest to just scuff it with a scotchbrite pad to give it a key and repaint it black.

The power steering pulley was originally an iridescent cadmium plating. I don't know how to remove the paint without damaging the cadmium plating. Real cadmium plating is hard to find anyone who does it anymore because the chemicals involved are highly toxic and highly regulated. What I do is to re-plate such parts in zinc and then dip them in a yellow-chromate solution to approximate the original cadmium finish. There are even some tricks to kind of age it to make it look like its been in there for 40 years. You could spend about $600 to buy all the junior chemistry set stuff to DIY, but unless you are going to do it a bunch, better to find a local plating shop and have them do it. Eastwood sells a set of three spray paints that, applied skillfully, are supposed to mimic the look of cadmium, but its so unrealistic that its become something of a car show joke so don't waste your money on that. If originality if of no concern, may be best to just paint all the pulleys the same neutral color like black or grey as most people wouldn't know that black pulleys weren't stock.

You also want to replace the missing fan shroud on that one and its a hard part to find. There's some unidentified wire on the right hand side, but other than the amateur red paint and missing fan shroud, doesn't look too bad.
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