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what kind of headers are these?

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i bought a parts car and it came with headers. i dont know what kind they are so if someone could tell me that would be great.

on the picture of the flange it says "10.8" and "530"
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damn you lucky bugger. Looks like a thorely. Quick, before it rusts anymore, get it blasted and cermic coated. Theres a place in chilliwack that does it but I wouldn't trust them. Try rediblast/redicoat/redistrip in Delta, good job and affordable and they'll blast it properly for you too.
:lol: hehe nice i got thorleys :) i only payed $275 CDN for the car too :roll: and it came with 4 good wheels and tires.

how much do these guys charge for blasting and coating
no, thats not a thorley, your luckier then you think. thats a trd header. ive got one myself. but ive got the hks dummy cat and exhaust to go with it.
:shock: all i have to say is sw00t!!!!!!!!! hey seamus i think i might get the header blasted and ceramic coated too if the price is right.

EDIT: :oops: for everyone who wants to start flaming me about being young you can go for it lol.

oh and also. where do i get a new exhaust gasket for this header? or can i use a stock manifold gasket?
Cartman, we cant diss you for being young and having one of the last Supra's made. No worries from a fellow 86 owner!!!
congrats... lucky bugger :p

ill get them blasted and coated for you, and test them out ;)

hehe, enjoy
well I knew it wasen't a pacesetter! You lucky bastard. They'll want about 180-200 to coat and blast it. Any parts shop can sell you a gasket for the flange. Check what the pipe diameter at the flange is though, it might not be the same as stock (hopefully it isn't).
SupraFiend said:
They'll want about 180-200 to coat and blast it.
:shock: i guess i better start saving up some $$$ :)
Thorley made the header for TRD. It's the same TRY-Y header. The O2 will not work right on that header. I just went through this with Thorley. While you have it off the car, cut the O2 flange off the pipe, and have it welded back on eliminating the standoff pipe. The distance from the flange face to the inside of the pipe shouldn't be more than 5/16". That puts the O2 sensor in the exhaust stream where it will work (using the Toyota O2 sensor. It's longer than Bosch). You will have to have studs welded on the flange, so turn it across the pipe, instead of where it currently is. You will not believe the difference it makes. It shortens it up enough that you can install it easily with the O2 on the header. You just need to move the power steering vacuum lines, and windshield washer reservoir and horn. If you put it on another car, either use the power steering bracket off the car that had the header on it, or you will have to grind some metal off the bracket on the new car. If you have that header bead blasted and ceramic coated, You will have something that will last a long time. This is a must do mod to unlock the true potential of this header. I got mine finished today, and I still can't believe the difference. It definitely makes it come alive.
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ok, none of that is necesary. yes thorley made the header for trd, but they are very different. if you llok at a pic of a trd header next to a thorley, they are diferent. he doesnt have to relocate the o2 sensor, or grind any metal to clear the ps bracket. i have the same header on one of my cars and it works great. thorley manufactured the trd header to toyotas specs, they had to change the specs to manufacture it for themselves. they are 2 totally different headers.
ok thats good that i dont need to relocate anything, cuz i really wouldnt want to do that. And why would thorley make a header for trd if the header had to be fabricated to fit the car still? that dosnt make sense.
cartman said:
ok thats good that i dont need to relocate anything, cuz i really wouldnt want to do that. And why would thorley make a header for trd if the header had to be fabricated to fit the car still? that dosnt make sense.
which is exactly why the trd header will fit just fine. thorley probably got the rights to produce the trd header, which aligned with toyotas specifications (duh) and the actual thorley header is probably a take off of that. ie. thorley saw trd's and attempted to improve upon it, or make it cheaper.
actually, thorley prolly just changed it enough so they they wouldnt have to pay any rights to toyota or get sued.
so what do you guy think? should i get the header blasted and ceramic coated? is it worth it?
williamb82 In your picture of the TRD header, I can not see a lot of difference between yours and the current Thorley model. Your's looks exactly like mine. The only real change I can see in cartman's header is that the pipes going to the collector are farther apart and at a slightly different angle than the newer header. How much distance is there from the face of your flange to the inside of the pipe? If that nipple coming off of the pipe is 1/2"or better, the sensor will not work properly. Add the thickness of the flange, and the sensor is below the exhaust stream.
mine works fine, no engine codes and it runs great.

[/url] now that i look closer, they do l...e same as the thorley pic i posted. william
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Mine ran great and had no engine codes, but it wouldn't pass emissions on a dyno. Monitoring the voltage on the O2 sensor proved that it was reacting very slowly and not running properly. Now I say it ran great. After I shortened the flange to emulate the stock cast header position of the sensor, it absolutely smokes. You wouldn't know it is the same car. The exhaust fumes don't stink any more, there is more power everywhere, but especially in the top end, and driveability is remarkably improved. It goes on the dyno this morning, so if it passes emissions, it will prove what I am saying. The difference in performance is worth taking the headers off and doing the modification. Thorly's tech support agreed that it probably didn't work correctly. Remember, back when these were OEM, they only had a very basic exhaust analyzer, and it most likely passed that just fine. The dyno is another thing all together. I'll let you know how it comes out.
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cant you just use a 02 sensor with a longer sensor instead of shortening the flange?
i doubt ill bother with the mod. first off, we dont have emmissions in fla. second, i am going to build a high compression 6m with gude cams, ,p&p head, tripple 40mm weber dcoe carbs, and a tri-mil 6-1 header for the car the header is currently on.

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