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i have an 83 supra...5mge...what spark plugs should i put in? i want to put really good ones.....but also let me know which ones are good/ ok for that engine......also.....plug wires as well....i saw nology spark plugs for 8 bucks a nology a good brand? i believe i need platinum plugs....thanks
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might want to try the search button, but stick with autolite or champion copper plugs platnium dont work as well and iridium is a waste of money imho. these cheap plugs wear out faster, but perform better and are cheaper, so change every 2-4 oilchanges depepnding on how hard you drive the car. if n/a gap to 0.038-0.040" if turbo, same plugs, 1 step colder and gap to 0.034". for wires, get some msd wires.
I liked my iridium plugs (for N/A), but the copper ones are my second choice. The retail stores push the platinums, but they're not as responsive as the copper. Platinum is for people who are too lazy to change their plugs on a regular basis.

I use the cheapo Autolites on my 6M-GTE (1 step colder of course). I change the plugs every oil change; overkill, but when they're that cheap, why not?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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